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International Trade Consultancy

We advise logistic operators in the bureaucratic process.

We form a strong team with the international trade department of the logistics operator in all customs services.
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thanks to a close relationship based on trust and professionalism. This ensures that the import and export process is dynamic and successful. As a result of this collaboration with the logistics operator, we have increased our customer portfolio year after year.

What is an Authorized Economic Operator and Customs Authorizations?

A Certified Authorized Economic Operator is an individual and/or legal entity that has and executes its professional activity under the Customs Legislation. More specifically, it is an “exclusive certification” that the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) grants to certain customs companies. In short, the State trusts these companies to enjoy exclusive advantages over their competitors and the entire European Union.

The “economic operator is a person who, within the framework of his professional activities, carries out activities regulated by customs legislation. […] It can be defined as a reliable economic operator for customs operations and can therefore enjoy advantages throughout the European Union”.

Foreign Trade Within Everyone's Reach

Nowadays, international trade is not exclusive to large companies, but more and more SMEs are participating in import and export to expand and increase their profits. In 2023, Spain was highlighted with record exports of €320 million, a 7.8% growth over the previous year, highlighting the competitiveness of the Spanish market and opportunities for companies of all sizes. In addition, economic indicators reflect a positive trend: the trade deficit was reduced by 60% to below 12 billion euros, demonstrating a more solid balance in Spain’s international transactions. The coverage rate is also remarkable, reaching an impressive 96%, a new record that demonstrates the quality and competitiveness of Spanish products in global markets.


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