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Your Customs Agency for Imports and Exports

Gecotex is a company dedicated to the import and export clearance of goods within and outside the European Union. We have experience since 1983, which adds up to more than 30 years of daily dealings with hundreds of clients and diverse sectors to which we have provided our services. Without a doubt, we have offered you the highest performance and the best solutions, always with the best guarantee.

What is Export and Import Clearance?

Import and Export Brokerage refers to all the professional services and activities encompassed by Customs Agencies and Customs Brokerage Offices. Specifically, it is the bureaucratic process by which goods enter and leave a given country.

It is, therefore, the set of formalities and controls that goods must undergo before the public authorities and administrations so that the movement is carried out in a legal and controlled manner.

Import and Export Clearance Process Steps

Contact with the Forwarder: the client who wishes to import and export contacts a Forwarding Agent to send and/or receive a certain merchandise from or to a country.

Synchronization between the Forwarder and the Customs Agency: all the bureaucratic procedures are set in motion so that the merchandise can pass the customs of their respective measures and controls that each State has established.

3. Customs Authorization for Release: The customs authorities authorize the release of goods so that they can undertake their departure to the export destination.

4. Transportation: Flow of goods. The transit of goods by air, sea and/or land to reach their destination begins.

5. Receipt of the goods: after the bureaucracy has been processed by the Customs Broker
Customs Agent
local Customs Broker, the packages are sent to the warehouse points of the requesting companies.

Gecotex: Leading Import and Export Company

Since 1983, Gecotex has not stopped growing in the number of documents processed year after year. Based in Barcelona but with freight forwarding clients all over the country, this Customs Company is in full expansion. Thanks to its exclusive certification as an Authorized Economic Operator in Spain, it has consolidated its position in the Port of Barcelona and is expanding into other strategic territories such as the Port of Valencia and the Port of Algeciras.

Our customers and best partners are freight forwarders, who deal directly with large and small exporting/importing companies and manage the respective companies’ goods.

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