Authorized Economic Operator

Authorized Economic Operator since 2010

Gecotex Internacional SL is a Customs Agency that holds this exclusive certificate of being an Authorized Economic Operator. This allows us to streamline and prioritize customs bureaucratic processes.

Thanks to the AEO seal, our customers, mainly freight forwarders, enjoy exclusive advantages in expediting procedures and documentation.

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An Authorized Economic Operator is a natural and/or legal person (usually a Customs Agent) that has and executes its professional activity under the Customs Legislation. More specifically, it is an ‘exclusive certification’ granted by the State to certain customs companies. In short, the State trusts these companies and allows them to enjoy exclusive advantages over their competitors and the entire European Union.

The ‘economic operator’ is a person who, within the framework of his professional activities, carries out activities regulated by customs legislation. […] It can be defined as a reliable economic operator for customs operations and can therefore enjoy advantages throughout the European Union.

Gecotex has been an AEO since 2010.

In this sense, and to better understand each other, customs agents and/or agencies that have this“certificate” have a competitive advantage over other customs companies, since they are not obliged to request it from the State due to the rigorous requirements that the State imposes on Customs Brokerage Agencies.

However, Gecotex is AEO: Customs Simplifications certified. Thanks to this, the company has the capacity to carry out and centralize Customs clearance from any point in Spain, with the exception of Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

For the State, the Authorized Economic Operator plays a fundamental role at customs borders to streamline all bureaucratic processes and promote legitimate trade between countries, among other aspects.


A certification exclusively for customs agencies

As we have said, the companies that are Authorized Economic Operators have an exclusive certification that they have had to pass a series of rules and requirements that the State and the Tax Agency demand from them.

For example, for customs agencies that want to have this certificate of confidence, they must corroborate and demonstrate that their Documented Procedures are being worked satisfactorily.

As the Tax Agency states, ‘The advantages conferred by the status of Authorized Economic Operator are attributed, exclusively, to the certificate holder’. That is, agents who are satisfied to have the benefits of being an AEO are NOT transferable. This is the same as saying that the advantages only accrue to the customs company itself and that the certificate holder himself may benefit.

We will now show you the advantages of having an AEO certificate:

Advantages for freight forwarders, companies and customers

  • Streamlined and easier access at customs
  • Reduction in documentary and physical controls (lesser number)
  • Priority in the required controls
  • National centralized export and import clearance
  • Great facilities to benefit from customs procedures
  • Reduced data on both inbound and outbound summary declarations
  • It must also be said that the advantages are accentuated and accelerated when all the physical and legal subjects of the logistics chain have an AEO seal.

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